The strategic research center makes use of its superior chip scaling knowledge

Say flanders, suppose research and generation. Belgium’s northern place is a famous beacon of innovation. Its groups, studies centres and expertise establishments are at the basis of floor-breaking solutions in niches like virtual, health and climate tech.

Via its worldwide technology and technology offices, flanders funding and trade helps flanders construct bridges of knowhow and progressive electricity throughout the globe—and you can acquire the rewards, too.

Heads up to all organizations and institutions seeking out an off-the-charts studies and improvement surroundings to take their technological innovations similarly: Belgium’s northern location of flanders is open for commercial company and collaboration. To make sure the word receives out, flanders funding and exchange (in shape) has technological expertise and era places of work in 10 progressive hotspots around the globe.

From there, in form’s generation and era counsellors connect era-pushed firms from flanders with partners overseas at the same time as guiding generation-pushed players to flanders, wherein they reap the rewards of the location’s supportive r&d ecosystem. The motive? To create revolutionary tech synergies that can trade the sector.
3 processes wherein flanders allows form a more healthy global via era

Suit’s era counsellors focus on three technological domain names: digital, health and climate tech. Those niches can grow and prosper in flanders due to favourable conditions, like a supportive authorities and an excellent network of private groups and unbiased research centres that drive innovation ahead.

1. Flanders has had been given it: a frontrunning digital tech atmosphere

Flanders is a pioneer in excessive-tech industries along with broadband, wireless and satellite verbal exchange. The location additionally excels in digital niches together with micro- and nanotechnology, robotics, internet of things, cybersecurity and recreation development.

One such location specially, e-fitness, is a longstanding forte of flanders. Numerous groups and studies centres in the area collaborate on massive data packages that permit customized treatment, sickness prevention and restoration at home.

What’s more, community e-health gamers be a part of forces in area-devoted networks and research initiatives. Take the bluehealth innovation middle, as an example. This antwerp-based business organization is supported by means of microsoft and stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship on the intersection of technology and healthcare, assisting e-fitness and different digital startups reach their full potential.
2. Flanders places the ‘heal’ in fitness tech

From surgical robots to 3-d-posted implants and organs: flanders’ medtech surroundings is every bit present day. In instances wherein healthcare is transforming due to an getting older populace and public price range pressure, the focus is moving from recovery to preventive and from one-fits-all to a customised method.

On this regard, flanders enjoys international recognition with imec. The strategic research center makes use of its superior chip scaling knowledge and infrastructure to enlarge new generation for plenty industries, which includes lifestyles sciences and fitness. Its music report includes—however isn’t constrained to—work on pioneering healthtech programs which consist of:

• disposable clever health patches for continuous far off affected person tracking

• miniaturised lab-excellent checks primarily based mostly on silicon-chip generation, with integrated connectivity (midiagnostics)

• ai-based totally definitely software software that lines the origins of genetic issues 20 instances greater appropriately (extasy)

• a hypodermic sensor allowing non-prevent glucose tracking for people with diabetes (indigo diabetes).

But it doesn’t prevent there. Digital gamers in flanders also make a contribution knowledge in statistics protection, a few different crucial element for the destiny of clinical generation. In the interim, research centres are increasingly trying to cocreate with private agencies to expand, take a look at and market new answers. Spearhead cluster flanders.Healthtech, for instance, builds bridges amongst awesome game enthusiasts to beautify collaboration on four maximum crucial situation subjects: personalised remedy, virtual medicinal drug, efficient healthcare and ground-breaking care improvements.
Three. Flanders’ climate tech puts environmental pressure in checkmate

Environmental generation and sustainability solutions have emerge as a pinnacle precedence at some point of the globe.

With years of progressive understanding in the discipline, many businesses and studies centres in flanders are the proper partners that will help you enhance your sustainable commercial employer.

Despite the reality that a geographically small location, flanders is a international frontrunner in growing cutting-edge cleantech applications for the duration of more than one fields—from strength to waste control. To highlight only a few proof elements, the region ranks first global in recycling packaging waste and generated greater than 650 cleantech patents in 2010-20.

Over time, flanders has established itself as a cleantech boom accelerator, constructing up experience in the spherical and biobased economy, smart energy and energy garage, sustainable chemistry and additional. The riding pressure in the back of this is the place’s robust collaborative surroundings: public and personal gamers, modern universities, location agencies (like cleantech flanders) and devoted studies centres (like vito) all come together to create solutions that make contributions to a more sustainable and extra healthy international.
Organized to innovate with peace of thoughts?

Choosing flanders manner deciding on innovation with peace of mind. You already know in advance which you are getting into a networked environment that breathes, embraces and takes innovation better. Need to installation your operations in flanders? Get in contact with one in every of our workplaces around the globe for recommendation and useful resource.

Take a look at out the contact web page at www.Investinflanders.Com or attain out via invest@fitagency.Be.

Sarcura (austria) and imec (flanders) broaden gene and mobile remedy collectively

In 2021, austrian tech begin-up sarcura added a collaboration with imec, aiming to transport gene and cell remedy ahead. Transformative cell remedies use a affected character’s very own living immune cells to attack malignant tissue and constitute a promising new most cancers treatment. But, because of its numerous and individualised nature, cell treatment has lengthy been a bottleneck for the biotech industry. That’s wherein sarcura is to be had in. Sarcura is growing an tool platform for the gmp manufacturing of autologous mobile remedies.
Together with imec (flanders), the austrian employer will art work on an included, silicon photonics cytometer for automatic mobile separation. Consistent with daniela buchmayr, leader government and co-founding father of sarcura, industrialising this solution will open new opportunities for industrial cell processing. For imec, this partnership fits in well with its ambition to connect to the cell and gene therapy atmosphere, permitting the development of compact, immoderate-throughput modules that could look at every single mobile and manage billions of cells.

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